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he makes that face at least once a day knee does a pretty good impersonation. jenna: it's a great feet tow. jon: thanphoto. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: a new look at the terror range out of the sky in israel as defense forces use an every growing target list to halt days of rocket attacks. welcome to "america live." i'm megyn kelly. the terrorist group hamas signaling in negotiations today that it will not compromise and if israel wants the rocket attacks to stop it must give in to the group's demands. we just got this video a couple of hours ago. one of our first looks at the rockets as they are launched at the israelis. overnight a barrage of rockets hit at least one home and a school, fortunately that school was closed at the time. the home had been evacuated. israeli defense forces have been attacking a series of military targets. here israeli missiles hit the
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headquarters of palestinian security forces in gaza city. since the israeli defense operation bee gone more than 1100 rockets have been fired at the jewish state and israel's iron dome missile defense system has interest tere septembered 324 of them. they have attacked 1300 targets inside gaza a and yet there are reports of civilian casualties. leland vittert is in the danger zone along the bordered. he joins us live. >> megyn it is really eerie out here. that would be the best words we know. a hundred yards in the black abyss are israeli cannons, the artillery firing inch. you hear explosions. and then see the pwraoeuf orange fire balls light up the night sky. around us most of the people here have fled. there are a million israelis who live within range, and many of
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them have fled north. they are too scared as this country is now on the brink of war. all along the gaza strip outposts have popped up, communication centers have been moved in and set up over the past 24 to 48 hours, and now it resembles and armed camp. these are valuable hours, daylight while they can practice inside these fields that are relatively secure before the go order is given, how to move through gaza, how they are going to clear houses, who will go where on what street, and that is valuable information, because in combat you don't have much time to think. of course for many of these soldiers the waiting is the very worst part for the young part they are g u.n. g-ho they want to go in. for the older soldiers they know that some of the men they are with in these camps, eating, telling jokes and of course trailing with won't come home alive. the air war entered day six with
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pounding targets inside gaza. many of the targets hit were weapons depose. so far the israeli air force has hit 1300 targets killing 100 palestinians including a family of eleven which was a targeting gone wrong. this has hurt israel's days for its continued defensive. meanwhile the israeli president facebooked this home video of a family taking cover in tel-aviv main park, a father comforting his crying babies as hamas rockets fly overhead. tonight in cairo the cease-fire talks continue mediated by the egyptian intelligence service and the latest reports from there suggest there is progress being made but megyn tonight we are far from any ink on a deal that would at some point prevent these canyon, the artillery, tanks and infantry that we've seen from heading over the hills
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into the gaza strip to begin the ground war. megyn: those children innocent victims in this. thank you. there are protests in the neighboring country of jordan today raising concerns that the muslim brother hood may be trying to bring down one of america's allies. the demonstrations are supposedly about a spike in fuel prices in jordan but some mideast watchers say the muslim brotherhood, no friend of america is trying to take advantage of the chaos in the region to stir up anger against king abdullah. this could be an attempted power grab in one of the friendlyist nations in that region. ralph peters weighs in on the development along with the growing pressure on israel to make some sort of deal here. another fox news alert. we are less than an hour away now there a critical hearing for the hos hostess bakery company, the company planning to shut down 36 plants and sell off its business after issues over healthcare weupblgs and
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scheduling. they are hoping someone will buy the company up. its president admits the striking workers knew this was a possibility when they walked out. they were well aware ever the consequences of their action but stood strong for dignity, justice and respect. joining me now is lou dobbs. host of lou dobbs on the business network. they said they knew this was going to happen and stood firm and now there is a claim by the union that it was bain-style tactics at hostess, corporate raiders coming in and pulling out all the profits and leaving only a shell that really lead to this bankruptcy and not union tkphaopbdz. demands. >> the eun yan demand eun yan demands are what is relevant. the company has been sold over the course of years three times. this is to save 5,000 jobs. the bakers and confectioner's
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union saying they are going to take no responsibility whatsoever for their economic fate, they are going to take no responsibility for the teamster's union which had already agreed to the rollbacks in wages over the course of three years. they are wiping out the jobs singl single-handedly by their act of 18,500 jobs. it has nothing to do with bain, has nothing to do with history, this is what they faced and chose to do. height of irresponsibility. >> do you think they believed the company when the company said we are telling you we are going to file for bankruptcy if you don't back off of these demands, you few thousand are going to cost the jobs of 18,000 if you don't back off this demand. >> the head of the baker's union, they knew the end of the company was at hand, they knew what the consequences would be. this is not one of those situations where they can say we just didn't realize the implications. they knew full well, they analyzed it.
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they are looking at the same numbers as management and other unions who have agreed to the cutbacks and they have chosen object bailiff yan. megyn: what does this do for unions? you remember sally field, norm a rae, unions, it was praise to the worker who is getting stepped all over by management who needs representation and that was a time where unions really served a role. there's been an on going debate in the country about whether that role is still being served. what does that do to that debate? >> i don't think that helps the unions at all. organized labor in this country is at its ebb despite the bluster of richard trumpka, the head of the afl-cio, despite the organizing and boosting by president obama and his organization. this is a time when less than 12% of the entire country is organized. it's about 7% in the private sector, 35% in the public sector. if we were not allowing unions
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to organize already civil service-type jobs unions right now would be but a 7% sliver of the entire economy. megyn: but the unions maintain and richard trumpka came out, he's the afl-cio president, he said don't be so quick to blame the union. he seems to be defending even the baker's union by saying they use bain-style wall street srul taours who made themselves rich by making america poor he says it was consistently poor management that drove hostess into the ground but the workers who are going to pay the price. >> it's true in every company. people who work for an organization are the beneficiaries of great leadership, they are the victims of bad leadership. that has never -- there is no way in which to create a disconnect between the two. this is a company that has been horribly managed. there is no doubt about it. megyn: when you go through bankruptcy three times. they tried to reorganize twice
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before this. >> he is talking about things that are eufrl to the future of these folk. they have destroyed the livelihood and economic freedom of fellow union members, not in the same union, they are teamster's workers a and about 20% of the company that is nonunion, over 18,000 jobs wiped out by the people who run this union, by the way they are perfectly matched with those who have managed this company over the years. they are absolutely out of their mind and can't seem to focus on what is the real interests of the business. megyn: the teamster's have a reputation for being so tough and won't bend. in the end it was the dough boys who refused. who would have thought they would have been so tough. >> the baker's union has a pretty good reputation as organized labor. they can be pretty tough through the northeast. megyn: is that right? the thought of bakers, it seems like they would be a little softer.
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>> they are rolling down there with the 18-wheelers and they've got a great tradition of being rough and tough, but they are also sensible and smart people. these unions are trying their very best in most instances to at least represent what they think is the interest of the workers, the baker's union is out of its mind. megyn: in honor of this debate today i've dressed for this segment as a black and white cookie. you can see how my arms are all black from the elbow down. >> that is elegant. megyn: and the white from the elbow you up. we haven't quite worked out the lighting in our return to our studio. >> it's elegant lighting. megyn: how the ballroom dance rooms are white. i'll doing it in reverse with shadow, shadowing live on "america live." welcome to it. >> glad to be with you. megyn: we got kicked out of the studio for the big election night. they did all fancy things to it. this is our first date back in the studio. i don't like the fancy things. i have to say i miss my arms. >> the election was only a day
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ago. give them time. megyn: i know, thanks, lou. maybe we'll have that fix before the next break. you'll see. we are now getting some reports today of a dramatic new twist on the damage from hurricane sandy. there is a secret vault in lower manhattan that may have flooded ruining what we are told is a billion dollars worth of special bonds. trace is digging into who kept them there and why this has been so hush-hush. the head of the epa now accused of using a shadow email, a private account under a different name allegedly to keep her practices for the epa out of the public eye. we've got details of that claim and just how far this alleged practice might spread. and president obama defending u.n. ambassador susan rice by saying, quote, blame me not her nor the message confusion after the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. up next senator lindsey graham joins us live to explain how he thinks the administration allowed our consulate in benghazi to become what he calls
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a death trap. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody they should go after me. and i'm happy to have that discussion with them. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. and i'm happy to have that discussion with them. but for them to go after the u.n. ambassador, who had nothing to do with benghazi, and was simply making a presentation based upon intelligence that she had received, and to besmerch her reputation is outrageous. megyn: that was president obama referring to u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice last week, suggesting if anyone, including he named senator
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mccain and senator graham has a problem with the way she handled the messaging in connection with the death of four americans in benghazi, libya they can blame him, the commander-in-chief. but not her in his view. miss rice you may remember went on five sunday talk shows after the attack, the sunday after the attack and suggested that a video and a spontaneous protest were to blame for the violence. now one of the most loudest voices in the country on the apparent debacle in benghazi is doing that, blaming the president, but adding that it was u.s. leadership that allowed our consulate in libya to become nothing short of a quote, death trap. lindsey graham is a senator from south carolina and a member of the armed services committee. senator, welcome. >> thank you for having me. megyn: i want to ask you this. let's start with this. when we went to the weekend we had some folks on capitol hill saying, look, petraeus had issued some talking points saying, this was an al-qaida attack, and then somebody took that line out of the talking
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points that were begin to susan rice, she was sent out there on those sunday talk shows to say what they are boss told her to say. the question was, who took that out. over the weekend the white house says it wasn't us. today, do we know the answer to who took that out about al-qaida? >> we certainly know the answer who the biggest beneficiary of having it taken out was and that's the president's re-election. do you think it's an accident that not mentioning that al-qaida was involved helped create -- continue the narrative by the president himself that we killed osama bin laden, al-qaida has been dismanteled? i don't know who took out the talking points. let's see if i got this right, you want to explain to the american people about benghazi, a tragic situation where four americans were killed, so who do you pick? you pick somebody that you admit knows nothing about what happened, so why would you pick somebody that knows nothing? you pick the person who is the most politically compliant, a good friend of yours that would read anything you gave them. i'm not the problem, the process
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that led to susan rice misinforming the american people is the problem. shy didn't jusshe didn't just tell us it was a riot and mob spawned by a video which us a complete untruth, she repeated this sunday -- and i want to remind you that this president promised to get osama bin laden, he did. al-qaida had come to our front door in libya, and why did the president himself, megyn procedure two weeks after the september 11th attack go on "the view," david letterman and the united nations and continue to suggest this was a mob-riot spawned by a video. surely he knew what the classified information was. there is a lot of accounting to be done and i blame the president above all others. megyn: what do you make of the white house denial on the talking points? the theory has been by some that the white house interfered in the intelligence that was offered to susan rice and that they need to answer for that, but think seem to be denying that they did that.
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>> well, you've been a lawyer for a very longtime. we everewewe're talking about people at the white house that are under criminal investigation. remember the leaks about osama bin laden that led to the pakistani doctor being begin a life sentence? three weeks in a row there were major news stories in "the new york times" about successful counterterrorism operations how the osama bin laden raid unfolded. it was done to make the president look good and strong. he deserves credit for the osama bin laden raid, but to leak information that puts the pakistani doctor in jail for life is a bad thing. they talked about disrupting a underwear bomber in yemen, about a double agent, they put that whole family at risk. they leaked information about a cia operative with the israelis to leak information from iran. it makes the president look like a strong decisive
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commander-in-chief. is it much of a stretch to think that the same people will withhold information from keeping him looking bad? megyn: some on the other side of the aisle from you in the senate and over in the house, including adam smith a democrat have come out and said, look she came out and she said that this was a spontaneous demonstration, that it was not preplanned, but they say why can't it have been both a spontaneous demonstration and a terrorist attack? why couldn't what she was saying be technically true that it was spontaneous but it was a spontaneous act by a bunch of terrorists? >> well, why was the consulate left open after months of urging that we need more moreno reinforcements. i blame the president for allowing the consulate to stay open after the british closed theirs and the red cross left. there were multiple attacks one in april and one in june.
10:21 am
multiple warnings from ambassador stevens that al-qaida was all over benghazi. megyn: do you think he knew that in. >> he had to if he did not he quit being commander-in-chief. can you imagine a situation where a consulate is attacked, a hole is blown in the wall, the president goes out in the public the next day and somebody asked him, what do you think about the consulate attack in benghazi yesterday an says i don't know what you're talking about? surely to god he knows what is going on when our consulate is attacked. has he quit being commander-in-chief? and to the question you just asked me, it is clear that the people on the ground identified the organizations as an al-qaida affiliate in realtime. there was never a mob, there was never a riot, and why was the reference to al-qaida taken out in the talking points? because we're three weeks away from an election and if you talk about an al-qaida-aoeupb spaoeurd attack in libya so goes the idea of osama bin laden is dead, al-qaida is dismantled.
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megyn: i have to leave it at that. my apologies. we are up against a hard break. i appreciate the point, well-taken and thanks for coming on. we will be right back. don't go away. research suggestsh plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+. this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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megyn: three weeks after super storm sandy pounded the northeast more bad news for folks in new york. city officials say they will tear down about 200 badly damaged homes on staten island and in queens and brooklyn. they say they are just too unsafe. you see the red tag on that window we just showed you? you get one of those red tags and your home is on the list to be demolished. in new jersey yesterday vice president biden toured seaside heigs on the shore and hoboken across the river from manhattan to get a look at the devastation caused by sand deal. one of his comments raised some
10:26 am
eyebrows. >> so we are not going anywhere gov. we are not going anywhere. and you've got a homeboy in the deal who dash who gets it. megyn: if you missed it the vice president was using the term homeboy, apparently in reference to spending a lot of time on the jersey shore when he was young. at this moment a court fight is underway in santa monica, california after the city decides to cancel one of the country's biggest nativity displays. it's a 60-year tradition, and church members are suing to bring it back. trace gallagher live in l.a. with a fight we first reported on right around this time last year trace, right. >> reporter: exactly, megyn. not only have the atheists successfully shut down in famous santa monica nativity scene which was their ultimate goal the court fight doesn't involve the atheists.
10:27 am
this is between the local churches and the city of santa monica. for 60 years the oceanfront park gave churches 21 spaces to put up the scenes telling the story of jesus' birth. the atheists would sue and lose. a few years ago they figured if you can't beat them join them and they applied for their own space in the park and they got it and they put up things like quotes from thomas jefferson saying religion was nothing but mythology. last year the atheists flooded the city with applications. when the space permits were handed out christmas had two, hanukkah had one, the atheists had 18, put up things like jesus, santa and satan. most of their things were vandalized. the city of santa monica got fed up and said no more displays for anybody. the church has filed suit saying quoting here if they want to hold an opposing viewpoint about the celebration of christmas they are free to do that but they can't interest near with our rights to engage in religious speech in a
10:28 am
traditional public forum and the court situation started maybe 25, 30 minutes ago and the judge has handed down a tentative ruling and they are denying, get this the judge will deny injunction application, meaning there will be no display in sal saeudz park for anybody. in other words palisades park for anybody. the city of santa monica wins, the churches loose and for the first time in 60 years there will be no nativity scene at all overlook being the ocean in santa monica, a victory in this case for the eight thaiss. megyn: that's how the law is evolving, have you to allow everyone to come on the public grounds and express their beliefs or lack there of or as the government can say no one comes, and in this situation they finally opt erred for the latter. thanks. a congressional committee investigating whether several government agencies may be trying to hide controversial communications from the public.
10:29 am
epa administrator lisa jackson and others accused of using private email accounts with fake names allegedly to keep some messages hidden from the press and the public. up next we'll take a look at what might be going on here and we'll tell you what epa is saying about it. and a new twist in the on going saga of hurricane sandy, word of a secret vault in lower manhattan that flooded, ruining a group of papers worth north of a billion dollars. who kept this stuff there? the details on that ahead. and, oh, nellie, do you know this man? we are going to introduce you to him. political enemies of a new york state prosecutor digging up his past. now the guy has had to come clean about the picture on the left, his secret past, and why he lied about it to the voters before he just won re-election.
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in kelly's court. >> i love girls, i love fat girls, skinny girls, i love them all. and they all love me.
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we're told that the hacking group known as anonymous launched a full-scale cyber war, and the attack -- which is known as phase two -- lists more than 300 israeli government web sites as targets. dozens of those, including the office of the president, were unreachable last night. private information for tens of thousands of israeli citizens has also been dumped onto the web. what a nightmare. as emergency sirens become a new normal in some of israel's biggest cities at this hour, we are getting some tense updates on the situation on the ground. >> reporter: okay, the sirens going, we've got the sirens going, we're going to keep going. this area was hit once before, we're going to keep moving, we're going to grab this. keep coming this way. megyn: and you just never know where they're going to hit. that was, of course, our leland vittert who is in the danger zone along the israeli/gaza border, he will join us live next hour along with colonel
10:35 am
ralph peters with some analysis, stay tuned for that. well, new questions today about transparency in the obama administration as reports surface that epa administrator lisa jackson is one of several officials under congressional investigation for allegedly using a private e-mail and an alias, and the motivation is allegedly so that she could skirt the rules and hide controversial correspondence from the public, the press and even internal epa inspectors. and she's not the only one being implicated. joining me now with more, brad blakeman and marjorie clifton, former consultant to the obama campaign and principal at clifton consulting. okay, so this house committee has launched an investigation into whether ms. jackson is trying to get around public disclosure laws. because if you talk about it for the most part as a government employee, we get to see it, you know? we get to file a freedom of information request, and you have to give it over to us. that's why if you're thinking about e-mailing president obama
10:36 am
anytime soon, know that it's all going to be a matter of public record and retrievable for the ages. [laughter] so ms. jackson, according to this house committee, established an alias e-mail under the name of richard windsor. is there any proof of this, brad? where is this coming from? >> well, this -- actually, from what i understand, it came from the ig himself over at epa. but having said that, what good reason if we used common sense would there be for a high government official to have a fictitious e-mail account? the fact is, it smells just in and of itself that a high government official would feel it necessary and then to use that e-mail account for conducting government business. there should be a zero tolerance policy on an administration who promised transparency and openness when they've been everything but. if a high-level official like the epa administrator is allowed to get away with this, then what message does it send to the rest of the government officials who are supposed to be working for the people and not working behind their back?
10:37 am
megyn: marjorie, apparently there's a man named chris horner who's a senior fellow at the competitive enterprise institute and also a vocal critic of this administration who is researching a book, and he claims he is the one who discovered lisa jackson is using this alias, richard windsor, and having, you know, doing official business under a fake nature. apparently, these house republicans have launched this investigation into it. what do you make of it? >> as they should, and absolutely it's necessary to be clear on whether government employees are using alternative e-mail addresses. i mean, when a government employee actually uses a government computer, they have to hit a consent button that says, look, we can look at anything that you write. in this case, again, these are all allegations. it came when they were doing, writing this book, and she provided this alternative e-mail address, and they said, wait a minute, you can't do that with government business. this is not a foreign concept. this happened within the bush administration, there was a huge u.s. attorney general scandal where the republican convention had created an alternative
10:38 am
domain that they were using and then discovered, wait a minute, you can't do this. so, absolutely, we need to understand what's actually happening here. is it indicative of an epidemic or a policy of the obama administration? be that's not necessarily fair to say. but we do need to find out what's happening. she should have come up with a more creative alias. megyn: if you play around with that name, does it get you in trouble? is it some sort of inappropriate -- i don't know, i don't think so. we weren't able to find any combo. >> tagton abbey? i don't know. megyn: maybe it's like her husband or something, it could be completely innocent, brad. and is there any circumstance under which this is allowed? some business gets done and some doesn't? >> no. as somebody who worked in the west wing as a senior staff member of the white house, if any of us had an alias that we were using as our own e-mail would certainly raise red flags as to why we felt it was necessary to do manager like that. even the president would not be allowed to do the types of
10:39 am
things that is alleged against the epa administrator. so certainly anybody who would have that kind of name, feel the necessity to do it and to conduct government business if it's found that that has occurred should be fired. because there is no good excuse for that type of activity, and she's not skirting the rules, she's flaunting the rules and breaking the rules. megyn: well, there could be -- allegedly, this could violate the law, so that's a bigger problem, you know, potentially, depending on where this goes. before the election, marjorie, we covered some stories about whether the epa was planning to unleash a string of new regulations that would be controversial if barack obama won a second term and whether the administration was trying to keep that under the lid because it might be politically damaging to, you know, some of his critics -- to him thanks to some of his critics. it, you know, is that what could be in the richard windsor e-mail? i mean, if that's the kind of stuff that was, you know, this e-mail was being used for, we're going to see it, and we're going to find out about it, right?
10:40 am
>> right, absolutely. anything that -- if there is anything suspicious, it will be uncovered, but at this moment, it's all speculation. the fact that this woman actually referred this gentleman to this e-mail account might say one of two things, one, that she wasn't aware -- well, the fact that there's a fake name is a little strange, no question. but it could be a number of many different things. even looking at this whole petraeus scandal sort of begs the question as how are government officials in any circumstance having a private life by e-mail and then, you know, their public life. but absolutely, anything they put over government business should be done in government e-mail, and that's really the thing in question. megyn: and then we get to look. and that's a thrill a minute -- [laughter] government e-mails and go over all the correspondence they've had, although who knows? maybe the richard windsor account will be more interesting than most. panel, thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. megyn: well, coming up, secretary hillary clinton is expected to be the last major administration figure to testify
10:41 am
on what went wrong in libya when she appears on capitol hill a couple of weeks from now. so the big question, will she support her boss, or will she follow in the footsteps of general petraeus and suggest that somebody else did something wrong? and fox business anchor melissa francis, look at her. here she is! when she's 9 years old. she won the hollywood role of a lifetime playing cassandra, the little girl who ma and pa adopted on little house on the prairie, remember? there was behind the scenes drama that would forever affect her and her family. her powerful story is next. >> you don't know how it's going to end while you're reading this. i'm reading this thinking is she still, you know, talking to her mother? are they on speaking terms after she wrote this week? what's the answer to that? [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare...
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happen. come on. ♪ ♪ >> my leg! i think it's broken. what do i do? >> i don't know. >> i've got to go back. >> you can't. >> i have to. you could die! megyn: could she be any more adorable? that was a scene from the hit show "little house on the prairie" featuring a young melissa francis in the role that would propel her into the national spotlight and become the subject of her new memoir, diary of a stage mother's daughter. in it, she chronicles a difficult and often painful transition from child star to adulthood. here now is author and fox business network anchor melissa francis. oh, my gosh -- >> didn't that happen to you a lot that you stepped into a bear trap? that was one of the really big -- megyn: i reckon it did. [laughter] >> the wagons were very
10:46 am
dangerous. i mean, there were all kinds of -- you could fall into the mill, there were so many potential dangers. megyn: melissa got here to fox, and everybody was like she was on "little house on the prairie," but she doesn't like to talk about it. so all of us were like, when can we talk about it? you wrote this book, and now we get to. >> fabulous. megyn: i have read it, my husband has read it, and it is not just a chick book. it's good for guys and girls, and it's a fascinating life story about how you got started. you had done a lot before this show, but this is what put you on the map. >> yes. i mean, i grew up acting from the time i wasless than a year -- less than a year old, i did a johnson & johnson shampoo commercial, and i'm not blond -- megyn: look at that face. you're so adorable. >> there you go, there you can see. but i grew up in front of the camera, and i loved that. a lot of people say that child acting is tough, and it is grueling, but it is very fun and
10:47 am
fulfilling. you know, you have to bribe a kid to get them to cooperate. megyn: we saw it in that clip. >> i could cry on cue, that worked well when i was trying to get other kids in trouble as well on the playground, but it was all fueled by the hollywood version of the tiger mom, that mom that drives so hard. and that's a stage mom in hollywood. and that's what i had sort of driving my career, and she poured all of her energy and time and effort into taking my sister and i on auditions and horseback riding and ice skating and tap dancing -- megyn: maybe too much as it turns out. >> yeah, very intense. very over the top. so it's a story that i think is relatable on that level, a lot of people have, well, i mean, some other people -- megyn: well, you don't know where it's going to go with your mom, because you're pretty harshly critical of her, but you recount the stories of what she did to you and how much, you could say abuse, that she put you through, and you don't know how it's going to end. i'm reading this thinking, is she still, you you know, talkino
10:48 am
her mother? are they on speaking terms after she wrote this book? what's the answer to that? >> the story itself comes to a shocking and explosive end. as you said, you don't know how this can all resolve. and, you know, my mom makes some decisions in the end that i find pretty appalling, we end up -- our whole family sort of falls apart. and we haven't had a relationship for more than a decade. and writing this book was a lot about, um, my own children asking me, my 6-year-old asked me, you know, where my mother is. and, um, i didn't really have an answer for him. and i realize ld that he wasn't going away with that question, and i needed to figure out what the answer was going to be. and i needed to be okay with it. megyn: it's ironic given the beautiful on-screen family that you were adopted by pa and ma ingals and had it all, and yet behind the scenes, a real struggle us we merging -- was emerging. >> a real struggle, but i feel like in my own life i turned it around. i said this cycle ends with me,
10:49 am
you know? i'm going to choose to have a different life, and i'm going to choose to go down a different path. and i think that a lot of people have realize the book and said to me, you know, i relate to you so much, and they say why, and we really don't have that much in common, but what we do is they hit some sort of obstacle along the way, a big one, whether it was an abusive parent or something traumatic that happened in their lives, and they had to make the decision, you know, to have, to take a different path and to have a happy life after that. i have a wonderful husband, i have two beautiful kids. for a long time i was afraid to be a parent because of the way i was parented by my mother. i you what i didn't want to do, but i didn't know how to do it better. megyn: there they are. >> and, you know -- there they are, yep, there's my family right there. megyn: i just find you so impressive. i didn't know you at all before you got here, but you're funny, you're self-depracating, you tell a story in a real way. i can hear your voice when i read this book. most of us grew up on "little house on the prairie," and there's a lot of inside
10:50 am
information about michael landon. you know you're getting old when he switches from a father figure to hot, and we're there. [laughter] read the book, "diary of a -- >> read the first two pages, if it doesn't grab you, i'll send you your money -- megyn: troubling as a lawyer. just kidding. melissa, good luck. >> thank you. megyn: great seeing you. >> thank you. megyn: it really is a good book, and the funny thing is, my husband who has written this book, "ghosts of manhattan," was reading melissa's book at the same time she was reading his book. he never watched little house on the prairie. i mean, it's nuts, who doesn't -- anyway, he loved it, and you'll love it too. check it out, "diary of a stage mother's daughter." well, a dramatic new twist to the story of damage from hurricane sandy. up next, what reportedly happened to a secret vault in lower manhattan that may have ruined about a billion dollars
10:51 am
worth of bonds. and as tensions rise in the middle east, there are developing reports that one of the israeli military goals is to take out the front line of iran's defense shield. more on that ahead. , [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements.
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the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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10:54 am
megyn: well, it sounds like something right off the a hollywood thriller, there is reportedly an underground secret vault holding more than a billion dollars in stock and bond certificates in lore manhattan. this is the building where the 10,000 square foot vault is reportedly located, also where the flood waters came during hurricane sandy and ruined everything in the vault. trace gallagher has more. trace? >> reporter: we knew more about al capone's vault, megyn, than we do about this thing. 10,000 feet, three stories underground in lower manhattan. this thing was supposed to be bombproof, right? impenetrable except for water
10:55 am
because as much as in the thing is cloaked in secrecy, it is now very much underwater, and there's word that a billion dollars in what they call bearer bonds could now just be watery mush. by the way, bearer bonds are mostly issued by governments, and when the bonds mature, they're every bit as good as cash. you've heard of them, right? ah, that's the catch. here's what legal counsel for the dtcc told congress a couple years ago. quoting here: now, many of you may not have heard of dtcc before, that's purposeful. we have traditionally kept a low profile given the critical nature of the role we play in the u.s. financial markets. dtcc, by the way, handles the equivalent of our entire gross domestic product every three days in transactions. it's bigger than the biggest banks, it's bigger than the new york stock exchange, and without it our economy, they say, will go right off the cliff. so we didn't know about this, right? didn't know about the bonds, and
10:56 am
we have no idea who the bonds belong to and no idea who might be out of somewhere close to a billion dollars in cash. now, a good chance a lot of these things were backed up electronically because a lot of the old papers have been put on computers, a good chance they don't, but we don't really know because they won't tell us. it's a good mystery unless you have bonds in there. megyn: right, exactly. all right, trace, keep us posted. >> reporter: okay. megyn: thank you, sir. while the attention of the world is focused on israel and gaza, thousands of protesters today took to the streets in nearby jordan in what some are calling a troubling sign for the america-friendly kingdom. could this be an attempted power grabby the muslim brotherhood? coming up, lieutenant colonel ralph peters, weighs in on the growing pressure with those to make a deal with hamas. plus, a democratic congresswoman saying susan rice is being attacked because of her race and her gender.
10:57 am
columnist kirsten powers takes exception to that argument. we'll have both sides. and a past in porn coming back to haunt a new york prosecutor. stay tuned. [ timers ringing ] [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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11:00 am
megyn: a fox news alert. concern that the fighting between israel and hamas could pit israel against the guns of iran. as we watch the rockets launching and the air strikes going back and forth. we are being told the country responsible for the long-range rockets is iran. it's considered conventional wisdom that if israel does go after iran's nukes, hamas would retaliate against israel from gaza. but if they don't have those rockets they can't launch them.
11:01 am
>> reporter: this conflict in the gaza strip needs to be seen in a larger concept of israel's concerns about iran. >> our problem is not our border with gaza but other countries' borders with today toda -- bord. the rockets being fired at us come directly from iran. hamas terrorists have trained with the iranians. there is a strong>> reporter: iw years with the help of iran hamas has been stockpiling these rockets with a longer range. israel has long known that if it participates in a strike on iran's nuclear program that iran will use hamas and hezbollah to fire rockets into israel.
11:02 am
the israelis think they will have to deal with the rockets from gaza sooner or later and it's likely they will have to send in grounds forces. the pentagon is watching this very closely. for the first time hamas has fired rockets capable of hitting tel aviv and jerusalem. they were smuggled in through tunnels which is easier to do since the arab spring and the removal of hosni mubarak. so far it seems to be working pretty well. the iron dome has intercepted 307 out of 875 rockets fired from the gaza strip. the obama administration gave israel $205 million to purchase additional iron dome batteries
11:03 am
in 2010 and congress approved additional funds for the system. megyn: middle east analysts are watching protests in jordan. we are told the demonstrations are in response to high fast prices. but they spiraled out of control. now there are suggestions that the muslim brotherhood may be trying to take advantage of all this chaos, using it to try to bring down king abdullah's regime. lieutenant colonel ralph peters weighs in and what we are seeing in gaza. secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to be the last major administration official to testify when she appears on capitol hill a couple weeks from now. when she testifies can we expect second tear question clinton to maintain the can we expect
11:04 am
secretary clinton to maintain the administration talking points or will she go off script as some say david petraeus did. petraeus reportedly got out there and said it was terror and i knew of it was terror from day one. didn't sort of tow the video line. but hillary clinton has already made some statements about this. and so there is a question about how much wiggle room she has and what we might be able to glean about her own plans for her future from her testimony. >> reporter: normally an outgoing secretary of state, loyalists would be looking to absorb some blows for the administration and give the president a chance to get away from it. the expectation would be as a good soldier hillary clinton would say the president, it's not his fault, not the fault of the white house, i take the
11:05 am
blame, it's my responsibility. i did this. now, if hillary clinton is to be believed that she has no future political ambition that's what you would expect her to do. but if she does as many people believe, have ambitions for 2016 she needs to get more out of this. she needs to demonstrate to her former senate colleagues that she was not tricked or fooled, that she knew what was up and if she does that, if she tries to put some distance between herself and the official administration line it will be an excellent sign she is positioning herself for a 2016 rub. megyn: the state department testimony is the stuff about the video didn't come from us. separate and apart from the video, the crux of the benghazi story -- there are many pieces to it -- but the crux is why was there such inadequate security
11:06 am
in benghazi? that something people wants an answer to. that is something that hillary clinton will have to speak to as the head of the state department which we are told denied the requests about it ambassador for additional security. how does she create -- she can't sort of push that on anybody but herself, can she, chris? how does that play out for her and her political future? >> as we get past -- talk about changing stories and the video, we go back to the primary question, the one the administration didn't want to answer. how is this possible. how is this able to happen in and i islamist run country. and the question that hillary clinton has to wrestle with is how much autonomy did she have here? did the white house, did the president, people inside the rest of the national security diplomatic apparatus say, no,
11:07 am
don't keep the security teams, don't do anything that looks like there is trouble or danger here. what was their input from the president or those around him? she knows the answer to that question. she hasn't said so yet. but you are right. if she says it's all my fault, i turned count request, that won't help her if she is thinking about 2016. >> sometimes people like to see somebody take responsibility and say the was me, i screwed up. the buck does stop with me. but taking responsibility, i don't know how that will play politically. i think the american people just want answers. they want to know what the truth is, you know? >> they would. megyn: nice to see you back. did you have a nice vacation? >> it was sad to be away. but it was good to be with the little power plays. megyn: that's his column.
11:08 am
the investigation is growing into the deadly crash involving a train that took the lives of four vets at a texas parade. we'll show you who the investigators are focusing on. we have been showing you video of the rockets leaving gaza. we'll show you what happens when the rockets come down. >> we have the sirens going. we are going to keep going. this area was hit once before. we are going to keep moving. we are going to grab this. keep coming this way. megyn: a group of democratic congress women defending u.n. ambassador susan rice saying she is being criticized for how she handled benghazi because of her race and gender. we'll have a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> any time something goes wrong they pick on women and
11:09 am
minorities. >> what motivates their judgment on a brilliant woman. the youngest assistant secretary in our history whose record led her to her presidential appoints awssments n. ambassador. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
11:10 am
has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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11:12 am
megyn: we have been showing you video hamas firing rockets at israel. this is after hamas fired 1,000 rockets into israel in less than a week. more than 60 today alone. now look what happens when they come down. leland vittert live on the israeli-gaza border. >> reporter: in the past hour another rocket hit another school, this time destroying a classroom in an elementary school. in israel there is not snow days, there are rocket days.
11:13 am
israel has their iron dome defense system. it looks like rockets going up in the sky and exploding. hamas figured out if they launch 8 or 9 rockets at a time sit overwhelms the system and some of them gets through. this came through the roof of a school and embed itself down in the ground. this is a bench where students would normally sit. it's peppered with shrapnel. it would very easily kill a student. we have the sirens going. we are going to keep going. this area was hit once before. we are going to keep moving and grab this. keep coming this way. we are getting inside, getting all the way inside. this is where israeli students
11:14 am
would be hiding if they had been in school today. we just heard the explosions overhead and that was really close. we literally just got to the scene of those rockets that you heard inside the bomb shelter. this is where the rocket hit. you can see the explosion through the cement wall. there is a horrible smell of explosives in the air. this is what it did to a concrete walkway. so you can imagine what it would have done to any person who didn't take shelter. that's why you see everybody run. it's 20 seconds to get inside. this is suburbia israel. thankfully the kids are still alive. the million or so israelis who live in range of the rockets, a number of them have left town and headed north to stay with family and friends. the big difference inside the gaza strip is there are no air
11:15 am
raid warning sirens. the 100 or so palestinians who hah been killed. at least a dozen of them have been children. here in israel 3 people have been killed so far. megyn: fox news confirming that president obama discussed deescalating this gaza-israeli conflict to in a call to the egyptian president mohammad morsi earlier today. the president making a trip to my far -- makinga trip to myana call to morsi in a an a -- in an attempt to stop the firing. the president trying to do what
11:16 am
he can, morsi wants to send his prime minister over to hamas to try to get them to back off, we are told. yet the rockets continue to rain. and now the palestinians today are showing a heartbreaking video of young children having been hit by the israeli defense. so both sides are suffering casualties and trying to fight not just an actual war, but a propaganda one. >> hamas is very, very good at propaganda side. they hide behind human shields. they shoot rockets from playgrounds. they put headquarters bunkers under hospitals. so naturally there are civilian casualties. it's tragic but hamas welcomes that as an effective cool of warfare. they know the hostile to israel global media will eat that up.
11:17 am
in the past hamas has faked casualty pictures as well in the 2006 war and hezbollah was faking casualty pictures right and left. the problem for israel is how do you cope with that? how do you hit a rocket launcher or enemy headquarters or weapons catch that's under a school. that's in a private apartment building in the israelis go to great lengths to spare civilian casualties. but hamas' gain is civilian casualties are their real ammunition. megyn: we saw israeli children running for their lives, too. whatever you believe, you don't want to see children running for their lives or having lost them on camera. how do you needate a holy war. how do you talk sense into
11:18 am
people willing to rain rockets into hospitals or homes. we had the ambassador on last week. the israeli ambassador saying they are firing on tel aviv and jerusalem. that's like rockets raining down on new york. what would you do? >> what would we do? we would be pretty angry. but the chattering classes here and abroad have this fanatical faith in the power of negotiations to solve everything. there are some things that can be resolved which negotiations. but when you are in a war with such fanatical hatred on one side. the calls to reason don't work. i can tell you the likeliest he their know. we go into what i call -- whatl
11:19 am
fallujah syndrome. they stop short of mission accomplished and the cycle begins again. megyn: can you put this into broader perspective. what protests have erupted in jordan allegedly over the government pulling out of fuel subjects does so the price of gas went up but there have been chants against the king. this is a u.s. friendly country and hasn't been one of the country whereas we have seen much of an arab spring movement. can you give us a larger bird's-eye 20,000 foot perspective? >> first of all, jennifer griffin's report was target. israelis in addition to dealing with immediate rocket fire from gaza don't want to fight a three-front war. they would like to neutralize
11:20 am
hamas and hezbollah before take on iran. in jordan, the saadies and other gulf arabs which traditionally has helped funds jordan have cut back on the funding. that's because the threat to the kingdom is different. in the past the threat from radical extremists of any kind were unwelcome. certainly the saudis didn't want a true democracy in jordan. but now the threats from muslim brotherhood affiliated groups are more attractive to the saadies. the saudis see jordan's king as to westernized and too liberal. i have seen the saudis at work in many, many countries. their goal is always to purify islam. the key to understanding the saudi role is they don't care about the well favor muslims. they care about the purity of islam. so you have this conflict with
11:21 am
iran's noose threatening. one thing i don't think we have to worry business an oil embargo. the ear rabs and saudis desperately need our goodwill to back off iran and its nuke program. that's their number one worry, not israel. this is a b byzantine jigsaw pu. megyn: the residents of breezy point, queens who suffered a horrific fire and biblical flooding are struggling with what some call a new insult. tickets from the building department. a group of democratic congress women defending susan rice. they say the criticism against how she handled benghazi is
11:22 am
because of her race and gender. >> the best assessment we have today is this was not at preplanned premeditated attack. what happened initially is it was a spontaneous ... call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
11:23 am
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11:25 am
meg already federal investigators are look into the deadly crash at a veterans parade in texas. the ntsb confirmed the track warning system was working before the train slapped into the parade float. four veterans of iraq and stan were killed. 16 more people were hurt. in san francisco the attitude usually is anything goes, including clothing.
11:26 am
but now patience may be running thin. the city considering banning public nudity. trace gallagher volunteered to do the research on this. >> reporter: back on the day when i lived in san francisco you only saw the occasional nude person. and accumulation years ago they opened up a new plaza and a lot of naturists hung out there sow the nudity was off the charts. they had people in restaurants and shops. the shop owners and customers complained so the city passed an ordinance, no naked people in restaurants. if they use public seats they have to put something between their seat on the other seat if you know what i mean. so more protesters showed up. now the city is considering wetser to ban nudity all together and that is causing a
11:27 am
big uproar. >> get over it. that all i have got to say about it. >> this legislation achieves a good balance. san francisco is a liberal and tolerant and wonderful place and there is a place for public nudity. but it's ral not out all over our neighborhoods. >> reporter: when they talk about banning nudity all together that would not mean you couldn't still be nude during the dikes on bikes. you are allowed to go nude at a lot of the festivals, but you couldn't do it at the starbucks where the coffee is hot. megyn: i love how they all have hats on. it's well and good to be a nudist in san francisco. you try that in new york state and see how you get through the
11:28 am
winter. good luck with that. there could be some embarrassing moments. thanks, trace. we are getting breaking news from washington that 100 house members, all republicans, i believe, have sent a herb to pts * asking him not to nominate ambassador susan rice as hillary clinton's replacement in the post of secretary of state. one of the democratic congress women who says this entire opposition to ambassador rice is based on her race and gender. a new york state prosecutor finally coming clean about his past. he lied when he was running for the post of d.a. and as you know the truth always comes out. >> not on did he lie about a pornographic show. but if he's going to lie about that 30 years ago he will lie about stuff going on today. i don't think i could trust him.
11:29 am
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for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. megyn: a fox news alert. we are getting breaking news from washington that 100 republican house members sent a letter to president obama asking him not to nominate ambassador susan rice to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state writing in part that she is widely viewed as having willfully or incompetently mislead the public weather benghazi matter. we believe making her the face
11:33 am
of foreign policy would greatly undermine your desire to improve the trust of the american people. this is after democratic congress women came out to show their support. >> to batter this woman because they don't feel they have the ability to batter president obama is not something we are going to stand by and watch. we'll not allow a brilliant public servant's record to be mugged, to cut off her consideration to become secretary of state. megyn: here now is the woman you saw moments ago. he will more holmes norton. she is a dell what the representing washington, d.c. thank you for being here. your thoughts. you didn't really touch on the race or gender issue but the
11:34 am
other women who were there said this is clear sexism and racism. do you agree with that? >> i don't call out 60'sism and racism unless i have some evidence. i can see why to would believe that. i gave it opening statement then had to go back to a hearing. so i never even heard the rest. i think that she is being singled out coming out of the presidential campaign. one of our committees oversight and government reform in the middle of the presidential campaign had a hearing and she became the focus of that hearing. and i think that came out of sheer partisanship. when you say 100 house members sent a letter. they don't have anything to do with who is going to be nominated to be secretary of state. when i get 50 members of the
11:35 am
senate i might be concerned. megyn: you then disagree -- we had congresswoman after congresswoman say this is racism and sexism and you are saying on the record you disagree with that. >> i am. you have to understand i'm a former chair of the equal employment opportunity commission. so i don't take racism and sexism by implication. i have to see so evidence of it. the evidence is that they are focusing in on the messenger. they know that the administration was evaluating this information as it came in. they have her with the information she had at the time. i quoted at the press conference the office of the national intelligence director evaluating what she said. and he 1ed that that was the information we had at the time.
11:36 am
that was the information we gave to the administration. and that the information she gave to the public. megyn: is there a discussion to be had on the substance back and forth? both parties have been having that oh bustly. but this was a new angle saying she was being targeted because of race or gender. that's an interesting point that you used to head up the eeoc. do you think the claims to go to the race place or gender place undermine her, susan rice, undermine her? do we have to have women and women of color be able to go out there and take their licks on the substance or not? just based on the substance of what they say? >> as i understood it, this was a hurried press conference. the different was friday, people were getting ready to go home. so they got together, who cared about it most. i can tell you without fear of
11:37 am
contradiction that i think most democrats and i believe some republicans in the house would say there are two investigations going on. perhaps we ought to treat this matter the way democrats treated 9/11. we didn't say mr. president and your intelligence advisers, how come you didn't see the worst attack in american history. we said we want an investigation. if you will recall the bush administration resisted an investigation until they finally had to do it. that it seems to me is where the issue should be. the real issue here, where was the security, why was the ambassador allowed to go to an outpost that was completely undefended? even now nobody has been taken into custody that we know of. yet there are members of the senate trying to destroy the career of a brilliant career
11:38 am
public servant who youngest assistant secretary in the history of the united states. rhodes scholar. megyn: i got it. >> i hope they get, too. megyn: all the best to you. joining me now is kirsten powers. isn't that interesting? that eleanor * holmes norton said the folks who followed her and tried to make this about race and gender, she says no. >> i think it's great and i appreciate what she said. i think there are a lot of democrats who agree with what she is saying. the things you were playing in that press conference were very disturbing. what they should have been saying is what eleanor holmes norton was saying. this one is a an accomplished woman. she is a rhodes scholar. to go to the idea that she can't
11:39 am
handle being criticized or she is being attacked because she is black or because she is a woman is insulting to her and insulting to all women, i think. megyn: do you think there is too much of a rush to chalk criticism up to one's gender and/or race and does that lead to a per pet was of a stereotype as women or african-americans as to weak to defend themselves, or in a special category where they are egg shell people? >> yes it's an interesting paternalism you see often on the left. where they claim they are standing up for women or claim they are standing up for black people or whomever they think they are defending when they are infantsallizing them. look at downbolton.
11:40 am
even the criticisms that have been made against ambassador rice, maybe she doesn't have the same temperament for the job. it was the same acai sayings. the question is, does she are the right temperament or not? that's a fair question. i don't think that should be out of bounds. i'm not saying -- i'll call people out when i think there are genderrized attacks where people choose to attack womb --o attack women based on being a woman. when you are held accountable the same way men are held accountable, that's great. megyn: whether she was sitting behind closed doors cringe as she heard others inject her gender and race into this
11:41 am
discussion rsh. >> i would love to know that. even what the president did, a lot of people said he was just standing up for one of his people. the first part of his defense was perfectly appropriate. it's okay for him to get riled up if he thinks someone is being attacked unfairly and go through the reasons she decides to to be secretary of state. he took it a step too far. he would never speak about a man that way ever. eric holder has taken so much more fire than ambassador rice ever has. i cannot imagine the president saying come after me, don't go after him. he's just an easy target. if i was susan rice i would finds this extremely offensive. megyn: wouldn't it be fascinating if she would come on and talk about it. megyn: always great to get your
11:42 am
perspective. thank you. first a biblical flood. now tickets from the building department? how much pain can she heap on the residents of breezy point, queens. a d.a. up for reelection denies explosive charges about his past. but then after he wins reelection he admits, i lied.
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
a. >> materials have been circulated allege i was involved in the adult film industry about 40 years ago in new york. those allegations are true. i was an actor in adult films
11:46 am
for a short period in the early 70s. a few weeks ago when asked i denied this to members of the press. i regret that and i apologize for it. megyn: whoever said politics makes for strange bed fellows may not have been aware of the d.a. with an x-rated past. "kelly's court" is on the docket. math that was mark suben fessing up on camera to a bombshell about a porn movie past. if you think he's resigning, think again. lis weihl and mercedes colwin. mr. suben goes out there before the election because there had been rumors about this and says explicitly my response is it's simply not true, i did no such thing. this would cost me the election
11:47 am
and ruin my career. he wins reelection and you just heard him. he also says i was an actor in adult films. i was also an actor in broadway and commercials. >> i don't care what he did in the 1970s. he wasn't married. it wasn't illegal. so fine. go ahead, knock your socks off. whatever. but to lie about it? that's where i have a problem. as a former prosecutor i'll tell you prosecutors are and should be held to a higher standard. you can't go lying to people then prosecuting them. he should resign. >> i saw the clip. i'm now convinces the porn industry will pay anybody to thairk clothes off. i'm serious. but no, listen to what he has don't last 40 years.
11:48 am
he worktd on wall street. he walked in one of the highest crime d.a.'s offices in the country. look at all the crimes he prosecuted. look at what he has common in his career. the fact that he took his clothes off for money, there are plenty of people that take their clothes off without getting paid for it. megyn: it's that he lied about it and committed an alleged fraud in an effort to get put in the position of d.a. which you wield a lot of flower that position. >> we are are very forgiving people. if he had come out and said i did it back in the 70s, i needed the money. it doesn't matter to me. but he did not do that, megyn. he lied about it. once a prosecutor lies. that's it. you cannot do that. you are out. megyn: how do they get rid of him? is there a way to recall a d.a.?
11:49 am
>> unless they start some proceeding to have him removed and have a special election. i can't believe if there was a special election that people would hold this against him. if you are confronted with cameras in your face and a microknown your hands. did you take your clothes off for money 40 years ago? megyn: i think the cameras in his face would be a nice change. you tell me if this winds up before a bar, disciplinary panel how will the following clip which is the only thing for air clip we can find play? >> i love girls. i love big girls, little girls. fat girls. skinny girls. i love them all. and they all love me. megyn: oh, mark.
11:50 am
he's known as gus thomas. but not because of we did in the 70s. megyn: do you think the women on the panel will be more inclined. do you think he could get an all female jury? >> and let him suck on his lips like that on the stand. megyn: he gets to enjoy the benefit -- >> he should resign. ethics. he could be disbarred. if he's disbarred he can't be the d.a. >> he didn't lie under oath. it was on on the stand. there is no crime here. defending the indefensible here. megyn: you can see him walk into court and the music they would play. you know what it is. i'm not going to sing it. ladies, thank you.
11:51 am
that not it. we'll be right back. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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11:54 am
megyn: they barely survived the torrential super storms of sandy and a fire destroyed at least 100 homes. after all that they returned home this week to find out the city was attempting to hold them responsible. eric shawn live in breezy points with more. >> reporter: so your house is destroyed. you can't live with it. it will be probably torn down. but when you get back to it you see a legal notice attached to the front door that was a surprise from the new york city
11:55 am
building department. look at damage at this house. the waves knocked it off its foundation. it floated to the building next door and hit this house. imagine this is your home, then you come home and see this attached to your front door. a notice of deficiency and says you are notified there is a deficiency at this address and you are ordered to remedy the deficiency. the folks here just can't believe it. >> i think the city needs to work with us, not against us. to impose a fine and threaten violations. look around. people who obviously never stepped foot here. if you saw what was going on here you wouldn't have the nerve to put that on our door. >> reporter: the city says the violations were issued simply to
11:56 am
document the damage that was done. take a look at this. despite all the hardships, old glory still dropped up between two krindser blocks. -- between two cinder blocks. and some are getting their water back. megyn: a shocking story of how far our kids are going to chase image of the perfect body. why steroids will become a threat to our nation's teens. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. it's all crossed out... it's 'cause i got everything on it. boom! thank you! [ male announcer ] black friday's back.
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